What I’m about to say can either make you or break you: It’s not what you do for God in life that counts; it’s who does it that makes all the difference.

Saying it another way, God doesn’t want you to work the works of Jesus. God’s purpose is not to grow your church, or to transform your ministry by anything that you may do. As Paul said in Galatians 2:20, “It is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me.”

So you see, God doesn’t desire that you live for Him; He wants to live for you. Paul wasn’t the one living his life – Jesus was. Likewise, just as Paul, you give your life to God, and then He lives it for you. No, you can’t understand it at first. Eye has not seen nor has ear heard. But what you cannot understand in you, a magnificient picture will be painted by the Holy Spirit Himself! He is the Artist, and you are the canvas on which He paints.

Now let’s look at the same idea from another direction. As Christians, we live in two worlds: the physical world and the unseen world. As the children of God, we can actually bring people from the physical world into the unseen world. How does this happen? By yielding to Jesus. He does the work. We focus on Him, and Him only. In Romans 6:11 Paul tells us to reckon ourselves to be dead indeed unto sin and alive unto God. And, my friend, if you’re dead, then you’re done also.

When the Father spoke at creation, Jesus did what was required to bring about what the Father said. Then the Holy Spirit supplied the Power. Just like turning on the lights in a room: if you want the lights on, you walk over to the light switch, flip the switch, and then you are no longer in the dark. That is, if your house is connected to the power source. Likewise, when the Father wanted the light to shine, He said, “Light be.” Then Jesus walked over to the light switch and threw it on, and the Holy Spirit supplied the Power. He’s the Power Generator that provides the Energy.

In John 10:37 Jesus said, “If I do not do the works of My Father, do not believe Me.”

In response to that verse, Bill Johnson said, “I hunger for the day when the Church will make the same statement to the world. If we’re not doing the miracles that Jesus did, you don’t have to believe us.”

In 2Ti 3:5, Paul said of the people in our day, “Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away.”

God is waiting for you to yield your Christian life to the Lord’s service. But He can work though you only if you allow Him to do the work. As you go, you may look no different, the people around you may not notice the change. But deep within, you will know. You will be aware of another Presence. He will be doing His work for you. When you place your hands on the sick, the hands may look like yours, but they are the hands of Jesus. When you speak, you will clearly understand that the word spoken is not yours, and neither are you the one speaking it.

As I close: It is my prayer that you will allow the Holy Spirit to mold what’s been said here into the core of your being. You and I need to be totally bathed in these words from God. Then, when you do the ministry of God, it won’t be you, but Jesus. He will be living His life once again, but this time in your physical body and not his. And please know that it is actually Jesus doing the living. But this time He is living inside the body that God has given to you.

What I have said here is not just a doctrine, nor a teaching to be learned. But it is the reality that has come only by the grace of God. It is the heart and soul of the new covenant. So stop seeing yourself as doing God’s works. And begin to see Jesus living His life in you to do those works. The last time he lived He was crucified for your sins. This time he will not have to shed his blood for you. But he does ask that you consider yourself a living sacrifice – for Him.

Questions for review:

  1. Do you live your life with the question before you of: What would Jesus do? Should you?
  2. Should you attempt to do the things that Jesus did in the Gospels? Why? Or why not?
  3. Does God want you to live for Him?
  4. Let’s study Galatians 2:20.
  5. Let’s discuss living our lives in two worlds.
  6. What is the significance of Romans 6:11?
  7. How necessary is John 10:37 for us today?
  8. Let’s talk about 2 Timothy 3:5.
  9. What, if anything, has this lesson done for you tonight?
  10. Will you begin to let Jesus live His life through you? How? Name some specifics.
  11. What will you do about allowing Jesus to work His miracles through you?